This is an example of the types of scenario's that we monitor for:

Cellular - back-up or primary monitoring

Your phone lines cannot be affected, if you have cellular back up.  A cut or downed telephone line with not disrupt the signal to the monitoring station. 

•   Video surveillance systems

We offer a full range of cameras and Digital Recording
Devices (DVR) to watch and record for loss prevention,
employee performance, safety (swimming pool/hot tub
areas), mischief, vandalism, evidence for insurance or

We can customize a system with anywhere from 1-64
cameras, depending on your requirements and budget.

Above:  Door chimes and intercom systems. 

We go above and beyond for our customers because we live here too, and are part of the community.

Panic pendants/buttons

   These are pendants worn by employees, silent alarms which
    eliminate the need for having to get to a phone in the case
    of an intruder or burglar.  For your employee's safety, one
    push of a button sends for the police.

-  Activation via 1 large, easy-to-use button
-  Full 2-second delay on panic button
-  Integrated LED to indicate signal transmission
-  Neck strap and multi-function belt clip included
-  Reliable 433 MHz technology 
-  Water resistant
-  Long-life lithium batteries included
-  Supervised

Internet remote viewing, web enabled (view your
    security cameras over any Internet connection.)

Watch your property, pets or children from any computer with Internet access.

Door chimes and intercom systems. 

When a customer walks through your door, let our system alert you or your staff with a chime. 

 Carbon monoxide, smoke, temperature and flood sensors 

Will your smoke detector send for help?  Ours will.  If you're not home 
to hear your smoke,  fire or carbon monoxide detectors  - or not conscious
to call for help, our sensors will alert the appropriate emergency services.

If you are away on vacation, and would like to know that the temperature
inside your home or business has dropped or your furnace is not working,
our systems will alert you or your keyholder to that fact so that you can do something about it before it is too late.

Murphy's Law:  things always go wrong when you're away.  Monitor for drop in temperature or water leakage.  Great for hot water tanks, water softeners, pressure tanks, or even fish tanks!

 Personal medical monitoring and portable panic systems

Your personal medical alarm system includes the following:

- Two-way voice pendant, with 2 batteries
   (extra one sits in base station, ready to be swapped with the other)
- Base station
- Breakaway pendant lanyard
- Velcro watch strap
- Belt clip
- Phone cord
- AC adaptor
- 4 AAA batteries/holder

Card access systems,
    card swipe, key fob,
    finger print scan, gate

Control secure areas by eliminating the need for keys.  No more re-keying your premises and locked areas with employee change-over. 

Systems can be programmed to auto-lock and unlock on a specific schedule. 

Biometric finger print scanner.

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