1. Please call monitoring station (you should have a sticker and phone number inside the door of your keypad). Give the operator your 
    system number and ID password and let them know that you will be testing your system. Hang up and arm your system.

2. Simulate an intrusion by tripping a door or window sensor, walking past a motion sensor or press one of the keypad buttons. There
    will be a delay if you use a door with an entry/exit delay. Remember, the siren will sound, so be prepared for a loud noise.

3. Disarm your security system any time after the siren sounds.

4. Contact the monitoring station again to verify that all the signals were received. Let the operator know you've completed your test.


Ensure that everyone who has access to your business or home knows how to use your system properly and can remember his or her passcode. This includes children and housekeepers, janitors and delivery people. In an alarm situation, any person who can't identify themselves with a correct passcode will be assumed to be an intruder and the police will be dispatched.

Your system comes with a user manual. Every so often, it helps to have a 'refresher' look at it to make sure every one still remembers how it all works. If you have a false alarm and can't determine the cause, please give us a call.

Edwards Security P.O. Box 516, 150 Mile House, BC V0K 2G0
Phone:  (250) 392-3737  /  Toll free:  (866) 792-3737  /  Fax:  (250) 296-0019  /  Email: edwards.security@shaw.ca


   Air: make sure you eliminate all drafts that move plants or curtains.

   Renovations: instruct anyone performing the work how to fully operate your system. If any renovations are done, please let us know.
    Also, dust and construction debris in the air can set off fire/smoke alarms, or cause them to work improperly.

   Motion sensors need a clear view. Don't block them. Balloons and decorations will set off the sensor.


1. Every person must have a passcode or ID password.

2. We recommend that you have at least two reliable contacts beside yourselves.

3. Should you wish to cancel or add a passcode holder or change passwords, please fax us at 392-6799 or call us at 392-3737.

4. It is your responsibility to give us all new contact information when necessary.


It is also a good idea to test your alarm before going on a holiday or if you have had any repairmen working in your business. Edwards Security programs your system to send test signals daily/weekly to the monitoring station to ensure that signals are sent and received. This can easily be verified by contacting the monitoring station and asking when the last test signal was received. Try to avoid calling regarding test signals between 7:00 and 10:00 am or between 5:00 and 7:00 pm, as this is a busy time for monitoring stations. 

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