Our references are a testament to the quality of our products, as well as the ongoing service we are proud to provide to our clients.

Why do our clients trust in us?

Read what our clients have to say about us, and you will know the answer:

We have used Edwards Security for many years and find their services to be exceptional.

When requesting changes or needing service they provide prompt service and are always friendly and helpful.

Dina Kennedy
Corps Sergeant Major
British Columbia Division The Salvation Army
Williams Lake, BC Corps


We installed a security system at our previous home due to a rash of daytime B&E's which went unsolved for some time. Both of us worked twelve hour days and feared coming home to our house ransacked. It was a stress reliever to know that couldn't happen. When Judy stopped working due to illness she was home alone for those twelve hours and often several days by herself while I was away on business. Knowing she was safe allowed me to concentrate on my work and not worry for her safety.

When we purchased our new home, it had been broken into twice while being built. Prior to our occupancy we called Edwards Security for the same piece of mind upon which we'd grown to rely and appreciate.

We were given excellent advise as to sensor location given our rural lifestyle. With a combination of motion, glass breaking and door vibration sensors and three key pads, we have 100% monitored coverage with 48 hour battery back-up. Installation was unobtrusive and reasonably priced.

So sophisticated is Edward's system that they can tell when our battery back up needs replacing for which Sean arranges and performs in a matter of minutes.

Edward's Security is local with incredible customer service. We don't have to call a mega corporation to be lost in the melee but local with the accompanying care, concern and conscientiousness.

We've recommended Edward's to a number of businesses and home owners with complete satisfaction that our doing so has brought the same quality of satisfaction and customer service we've grown to expect and appreciate from Malissa and Sean.

Jonathan McCormick
Lone Butte, British Columbia


Edwards Security has been our provider for the last four years. Not only do we trust our home to them, but our business as well!
Great service!

Chuck and Nicole Tupper
OK Tire
Williams Lake


When it came time for us to secure our office and shop space, Edward's Security was the most prompt company to return my call and visit the premises. Edward's Security took the time to discuss what system would work best for us. The installation was professional and they explained very clearly how to use our system.

The system has worked flawlessly over the years and Sean Kelly comes by occasionally to make sure that there are no problems or issues with our system.

We would recommend a security system to everyone for peace of mind and would not use any other company but Edward's Security. They are professional and the prices are great.

Tom Foley
Speedpro Signs
Williams Lake

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